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Nutrition coaching, at home, with you.


Nutrition Coaching

Whether you’re looking for an accurate source of nutrition information or focused on a particular health concern, my personalized nutrition coaching sessions will provide you the support you deserve. 

Pediatric Nutrition

I support families to take stress off the dinner table and help children to build healthy relationships with food while getting enough of what they need.

Type 1 Diabetes

I work with adults, parents, and youth with type 1 diabetes to improve glycemic control, simplify your approach, and ensure you are well nourished. 

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Type 2 Diabetes

I teach you the facts about diabetes and clarify confusion. Together we will develop a plan you can feel good about, both for your future health and your current enjoyment.


Hi! I'm Jill

Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and lover of food. 


I believe fiercely in the power of knowledge. I also believe that having knowledge alone is not enough to create change. I use a coaching framework to empower my clients towards success. In building relationships through honest, non-judgemental conversation, I help clients to identify their goals and begin to remove the barriers that stand in the way. 


Being well nourished extends beyond what we eat. It encompasses how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, and our choices. Eating should bring us joy and pleasure, not guilt, anxiety, or fear. 



My Blog


We met Jill when our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 at just 6 months old. Jill had a way of educating us like nobody else did, she was calm and approachable and presented the information in a way we could understand. But even more than our educator, she was our counselor. She encouraged and guided us through a very scary and extremely overwhelming diagnosis. 

I  don't know what we would have done without her back then, or what we would do without her now. She continues to be our first call for all diabetes and nutritional guidance for our daughter as she grows and her needs change.


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