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Type 1 Diabetes

If my experience as part of the BC Children’s Hospital Diabetes team for four years made me certain of anything, it’s that type 1 diabetes is hard work. 


From the stress of diagnosis, through navigating new life events, to the average day to day 20 years later, diabetes is demanding of your attention. I work with adults, parents, and youth with type 1 diabetes to improve glycemic control, simplify your approach, and ensure you are well nourished. 


Common struggles my clients and I work on together include preventing low blood sugars, avoiding spikes after meals, and using technology to your best advantage (meters, sensors, pumps, apps). Support for families often centres around disagreements in food choices and diabetes-related stressors between youth and parents. 


My services are not intended to replace your regular visits with your existing diabetes team, but rather to build a partnership with you and your team to ensure you have a seamless support network that you can access as frequently as you need. 

Family Education Sessions

Have anyone in your life that needs to know more about diabetes to better help you or your family? Education sessions, tailored to your child’s specific diabetes management, are available for grandparents, babysitters, partners, or anyone else in your life that would benefit from a deeper dive...without you having to be the teacher. The first step to setting up an education session is an assessment, where we will chat about details.

Initial consultation is $170, follow up sessions $100-$160

Still have questions? Send me a note and let’s chat! 

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